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Today is officially the longest I’ve ever been pregnant.

Yesterday marked 38w5d which was when Caleb was born! It was also Steve’s birthday so he was secretly hoping that Jenna would make her appearance, but I was feeling normal with no signs of any impending labor. Everyday he asks how I feel and when I reply with, “I feel ok…normal,” there’s always a glimmer of disappointment…lol.

His birthday started off with Caleb waking up at 5am. Usually, he will fall asleep when he comes to our bed, but not that day! After 1 1/2 hours, we all decided to just get up for good. Caleb said for Daddy’s birthday, he wanted to make him coffee so we went downstairs and he helped scoop the grounds into the french press and after I poured in the hot water, he helped push it down. I made breakfast for everyone and Steve was off to work.

Since Caleb woke up so early, I kept him home from school since I knew he was tired. With that said, that meant I had to bring him with me to my weekly appointment which included a cervical check. Thankfully, he sat behind me and was occupied with the iPhone. The visit was short and I’ve been dilating about 1cm/week since my 36w check up. At least there’s some sort of progress.

We went grocery shopping afterwards and when we returned home, the power was out! So, we had sandwiches for lunch and had a much needed nap. The power kicked back on and that’s when we got ready for Steve’s birthday. Caleb wanted to make a card so I got him some card stock, crayons and markers. He drew everyone’s faces (me, Steve, himself, Jenna…even all 3 dogs) and then wrote his name all by himself!! I must say I was really impressed at everything he did being 3.

Then, he helped me make paleo-friendly pineapple upside-down cupcakes. Steve had picked an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner and thankfully they were really open to me bringing the cupcakes in and even supplied extra plates. Steve was worried that they wouldn’t want outside food brought in, but it all worked out.

My mom arrived JUST in time for dinner with her dog, Bella, in tow. I had Steve take his mom and Caleb to the restaurant since we were meeting up with 7 other people so I could get my mom and her dog settled with our dogs. She’s got a 65 lb doberman puppy and my lil’ 12 lbs doxie-huahua mix schooled her! It’s so funny :)

Dinner was great! We’ve had Ethiopian a few times in TX and MD, but this was my favorite. The injera wasn’t overly sour and the food was really good. And Steve had a great time despite having a crappy day at work so that was nice. But, still no sign of baby! I think it’s better that they don’t share a birthday anyway.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day so we’re off to do something outside!


Note to self #2: Don’t bring breast milk into a bar

This past weekend was Steve’s 31st birthday! It started on Friday when he returned home from school. I made one of his fav dishes, stuffed cabbage, and I helped Caleb wrap his gift to Steve :o) I even wrote the card to Steve from Caleb’s point of view, but noted that Mommy had helped. I think everyone knows that Steve is a huge Red Sox fan since we both grew up in MA. He already has a jersey in blue, red and white, but didn’t have it in grey so I ordered one to complete his collection of his fav player, Dustin Pedroia. Steve was thrilled!

Saturday, we went out for lunch which was where I had my first public boob leakage…eeps! We had planned on going to Target afterwards so I wore Caleb so no one could see. I bought a manual breast pump since we were going out for dinner and a movie with from friends while Steve’s mom watched Caleb. I got the Medela Harmony which works GREAT for quick pumpings without having to lug my electric one around…I was able to pump out 2 oz in 4 minutes with a quick test.

Steve’s mom arrived at 4pm and I left her a note with everywhere we’d be, phone numbers and 4 bottles of breastmilk in the fridge. I gave my boy a kiss goodbye and off we went! We picked up one of Steve’s friends in Austin and then met up with 4 others at a tapas bar downtown called Malagas. It was SO GOOD! I had this amazing flatbread with duck breast, grapes and blue cheese.

After we got some food and drinks, we walked to the Alamo Drafthouse for Master Pancake’s rendition of The Sound of Music. On the way there, we all witnessed this lady driving a yellow Mustang hit a skateboarder in the crosswalk when he had the right of way. He was a young kid…maybe in his late teens. He was about to shrug it off when a lady sitting outside at a restaurant patio ran up to him to make sure he was ok. He had a red mark on his back so she told the lady in the Mustang to pull over. Craziness.

When we got to the movies, we still had 30 minutes to spare so I went to the bathroom to pump for 10 minutes. The show itself was pretty funny! During the “stop the movie” skit, they had a guy dressed up as a Nazi and wouldn’t you know–he just so happened to slap his swatstika fly swapper in front of Steve, who is Jewish…what are the chances? lol.

Once the movie ended, I thought we were going home, but since we were in downtown Austin on 6th Street, everyone wanted to check out the bars so I said ok. I got my ID out and we went over to Maggie Mae’s. I had the breast pump and bottled breast milk in a plastic bag (didn’t fit in my purse since I downsized) so I was carrying it around. Here’s my convo with the bouncer:

Bouncer: What’s in the bag?
Me: Breast milk.
Bouncer: *eyes widen* Uh…I don’t even know how to respond to that. That’s a first here.
Me: *blank stare*
Bouncer: Weeeeelllll, bar policy is…technically, you can’t bring an outside drink in here.
Me: Oh, I’m not drinking this!
Bouncer: *laughs* I’ll let this slide, but you might be asked about it when you leave.

Everyone was glad he didn’t give me too much of a hard time about the breast milk thing, but seriously–what do nursing mothers do when they go out for 8 hours and need to pump in order to avoid engorgement? I probably could have planned better if I knew we were going to the bars afterwards, but it all worked out in the end :o) Anyway, I carried my milk around the bar and drank water since I was the DD. It wasn’t so bad because one of his friends was pregnant so we talked a lot and I got to know the other girls a bit better. They had gone to Caleb’s bris, but I was too busy drying my tears to really mingle with people.

me and the birthday boy
me, Steve and the bag o’ boob juice

Steve's birthday with the gang
the gang on Steve’s birthday

We got home around 12:30am and Caleb was STILL UP! Steve’s mom told me he drank all 4 bottles PLUS a frozen bag from the freezer…oi! I quickly put him to bed and then pumped because it had been 6 hours since I last pumped and my boobs felt like rocks.

The next morning was Steve’s actual birthday, but nothing seemed to go his way…poor guy! First, he wanted to go out for a quick breakfast. He was deciding between The Original Pancake House (which usually has a wait, but never TOO long) or Round Rock Cafe (no wait the last 2 times we went). He went with the latter choice. When we got there, it was busy! We ended up waiting an hour for our food and he was really irritated because now he was rushing to play softball. I dropped him off and went grocery shopping. He ended up calling an hour or so later asking for me to pick him up because they were painting the lines on the field and couldn’t play on there.

So, I went to pick him up and he went to shower and take a nap. I baked a cheesecake brownie (Steve doesn’t like cakes so we always have birthday brownies) and started prepping a ribeye steak dinner. That was super tasty! Then, we watched the 3rd movie of the Narnia series per the birthday boy’s choice before going to bed.

Steve’s belated birthday, Mother’s Day and garden update

Since we spent Steve’s actual birthday at Edgefest last weekend, this weekend we had a belated celebration. Of course, it was 90’s all week and the day we pick to go toobing, it’s in the 70’s. We met up with Misti misti_k & Nate, Colleen & Dan, Liz & Kevin and Adam & Julia at Cracker Barrel for breakfast before making our way to the Comal River. It had warmed up a tiny bit, but was still cloudy. When the sun did peek out, it felt so nice! The water didn’t feel as cold probably because it was almost the same temp at the air…lol. Toobing was still lots of fun and relaxing–saw a turtle and a dead nutria (yuuuuuuck).

the gang minus me

some more pictures, including the nutria

Steve’s birthday weekend of games, concerts & BBQ

Friday night after work, Steve and I went to Sara’s house waaaaay south of Austin for a military game night. We ended up yapping for a long time and snacking before sitting down and actually playing. We played Catch Phrase for a few rounds since I found my electronic version and then moving on to play Beyond Balderdash–THAT was a fun game :oD I think I’m going to buy it and Steve, who doesn’t like creative games, had fun (at least it looked like he did).

The next day was Steve’s 30th birthday! I must have wished, “happy 30th birthday, Steve,” at least 100 times. We went to Cracker Barrell per his request for breakfast before making our way to Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX, for Edgefest 20! When we parked the car, we could hear Hole performing and Courtney Love sounded TERRIBLE. Dang. When we got to the arena, we found our seats which was in the shade. The forecast originally stated rain, but it ended up being cloudy at first and then sunny and beautiful!

The area itself was HUUUUGE. There were 2 stages set up at opposite ends of the arena that would take turn having bands on–as soon as one band finished on one stage, the next band would perform immediately at the opposite end. Our seats were behind the 2nd stage so while it was great for the main, we would get up and walk to the other side of the arena for a view of the second stage.

us at Edgefest 20
me & the birthday boy!

so who played?

Lupe Fiasco, NERD, Rhianna & Kanye West concert and a special birthday!

First things first. Today is a very special day, it’s Steve’s 28th birthday! He’s getting up there :o) I post this picture every year and it never gets old…hehe.

Happy 28th birthday, babes, I love you!

The concert last night was AWESOME!! I met up with Misti concertina_40 beforehand so we could have dinner at the Roaring Fork. I thought the food was great–I ordered a shrimp, spinach and mushroom enchilada. Misti ordered the duck and mashed potatoes with challots. We shared the chocolate lava brownie dessert before going to the concert.

We drove separately so parking was quite the bitch with all the cars and people. I followed signs to a $7 parking garage and followed the crowd to the arena. I had to pee SO bad and that’s when I heard the only Lupe Fiaso song I knew–yeah in the bathroom. By the time I reached the seats where Misti was at already, his set was over…oh well!

We got the cheapest seats in the nosebleed section that was literally 6 rows from the back wall. But I was still able to get great shots with my camera, whoo hoo for 10x optical zoom! So, that’s why I only have pictures of NERD, Rhianna and Kanye West. Seriously, my camera is awesome! Check this out:

this is Kanye West, with NO zoom

this is Kanye West 10x optical zoom! I didnt fool much with digital zoom.

here are some more pictures from the show

no longer a Dirty Dancing virgin…

Today after work, I met up with Angela canadagirl and Leonie after work to see Dirty Dancing on the big screen in celebration of it’s 20th year. We first had dinner at Marie Callenders before killing some time at Best Buy and Ulta before making our way to the movie theaters to get a good seat.

On the way, Angela and I stopped by the bathroom and noticed the candy vending machine. I had some quarters so Angela could get some Skittles, but she had a hard time twisting the handle (later, come to find out, you needed 2 quarters). I then noticed a hole on the vending machine–looks like someone burnt it with a cig lighter, but there were the Skittles! So, pointed it out to Angela saying “there’s a hole–get your candy there” and she did! Haha, she poked, poked, poked until she got a handful of Skittles while I got my Runts (paid $0.50 for 1/3 a handful and no bananas :o\). We went back to our seats and ate our candy–the Skittles ended up melting all over Angela’s hand so she licked it all off..haha!

So, onto the movie. It was my first time EVER seeing Dirty Dancing in its entirety. I think in 2nd grade or so, I was at a friend’s birthday party and we were watching this movie, but then my mom came and I never finished watching it. I didnt even remember anything! I was really a newb to the movie, but the theater packed with 99% females.

I thought the movie was great! There were cheesy parts, but it was really enjoyable. It reminded me of an old school version of The Notebook (or Romeo and Juliet ultimately) with the upper class girl and the lower class guy with their faux paus relationship. But, I really liked it….liked it enough that all 3 of us and my friend Veronica from work are going tomorrow to see it again! Haha, we’re crazy.


Happy 27th birthday to my fantastic hubby, Steve! I think I’ll post this picture every year :o) He’s just SO lucky I didnt opt for him to be on the jumbo-tron with all the 5 year olds..hehe.

He called me today and is sick–sick enough to have an IV stuck in him :o( Poor baby. He got a birthday card from our realtor (she’s awesome) with a scratch ticket! I hope he doesnt mind, but I took the liberty of scratching and we won $6! That’s some good birthday mojo right there. I ordered his present online and it wont be here until next week! And by the time I send it to Iraq, his birthday will be looooong gone…hehe, but it’s worth the wait!

Tomorrow, I work 10-7 so I get to sleep in a lil’ bit–FINALLY!

Gnite all!