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Full term

As of this past weekend, I am full term at 37 weeks!

We started off the day with another cherry blossom mini session :) This time, it took place in Besthesda in the Kenwood neighborhood where the streets are lined with cherry blossoms. There was rain this week so a lot of the blossoms were lost, but there were still a few trees still with their flowers. Hopefully the photos came out ok!

The weekend before was peak bloom at the Tidal Basin. We all got up before the sun was up to try and beat the traffic into DC since it was a weekend and the last day of the cherry blossom festival. Caleb was a big GRUMP so there had to be bribing with candy. We found free parking (woot) that was close to the Tidal Basin, but was just under a mile from the meeting spot with our first photographer. So, we basically had to BOOK IT.

After our photo session, I tried to take some photos during our walk back, but Steve wanted to get home and Caleb was tired so I didn’t take very many photos. But, I did take a few because we were there. And the scaffolding is finally gone from the Washington Monument so I needed a pic of that!

Steve & Caleb at the Tidal Basin, the Washington Monument, me & Caleb at the Jefferson Memorial

Steve & Caleb at the Tidal Basin, the Washington Monument, me & Caleb at the Jefferson Memorial

We got home and attempted to nap, but Caleb’s short nap in the car left him WIRED so no one got rest. I changed into a maternity dress for my baby shower hosted by my mother-in-law, Barbara, and Roxie! I must have pushed myself too much that morning at the Tidal Basin because my back completely gave out. I had to sit and if I tried to stand up and walk, shooting pains occurred in my lower back.

The shower was lovely! Jenna got a lot of gifts even though we told people we didn’t need gifts. And there was a lot of food. We are certainly very lucky and they always go above and beyond for us.

Steve stopped to buy me some Bengay patches for my lower back. They were a godsend and I felt SO much better the next day. Which was good because I was cooking an entire Passover spread that was paleo-friendly! I made Pioneer Woman’s brisket, roasted a chicken, roasted brussel sprouts with balsamic vinegar, roasted butternut squash with sage, made chicken broth for the matzo ball soup with both traditional matzo balls and paleo one made from almond flour, and made Steve’s nana’s fruit salad. We also had gefilte fish, pickled herring and I made charoset. For dessert, I made a coconut cake with cream cheese frosting. Nom nom nom. I spent 4 1/2 hours straight on my feet in the kitchen.

Steve’s mom bought new haggadahs for us that had a lot of pictures so it made the Sedar easier to follow especially for Caleb. I couldn’t believe it was already Caleb’s 4th Sedar!

Caleb with his yarmulke, new kid-friendly Haggadahs, paleo matzo ball soup made with almond flour, Steve and our Sedar plate

Caleb with his yarmulke, new kid-friendly Haggadahs, paleo matzo ball soup made with almond flour, Steve and our Sedar plate

The next day, we went to the synagogue for their community Sedar. Steve’s mom helped cook for the 100+ people that showed up and poor thing did not get to sit down to eat a hot meal! I told her next year to sit out on the cooking and enjoy it. Caleb could not get enough matzo.

Then this past weekend was Easter! We went over to Crina and Mounir’s house for an Easter lunch and the kids did a small Easter egg hunt. Caleb was all over that! There was sooo much food and everyone ended up falling asleep (myself included) before dessert…lol.

When we got home, I got into nesting mode and decided to clean all the bathrooms with bleach and scrub everything on my hands and knees. Steve saw me and said, “this is why we hire someone!” Ah well. I feel better now that the bathrooms are clean. The next thing on my agenda is moving some of Caleb’s toys from the main family room down to the basement playroom so I can bring some more baby items up like the swing.

I already shampooed the carpets and have the bassinet set up in our room. I still need to pack the hospital bag, but I have a mental list of items I need to pack. Sometimes I feel like I have no time and that this baby could come next week (same gestation as Caleb) and other days, I feel like I have plenty of time and I should just do one thing a day. Argh!

Finally got to play tourist

Less than 10 miles from our house lies the White House and so many fun things to do around DC! With Steve for a week long TDY in Texas, I decided to take Caleb out and do some sightseeing. The first thing on my list was to go to one of the Smithsonian museums. The last time I was in one was when I was 13 and in 8th grade for our class trip. I decided to go to the Natural History one since that one seems to be the most popular one. So, I fed Caleb breakfast, got ready and headed out the door! I planned ahead to park at a garage since the meters are only 2 hours and I was going to need a stroller since I was going to be walking all over the place–I wasn’t sure how that’d do on the metro by myself so car it was.

Once I parked at the garage under the Mandarin Hotel and got going! First stop was the Smithsonian and on the way I snapped some pics of the US Capitol and the Washington Monument. Once we got to the Smithsonian, we spent almost 3 hours checking out the exhibits and also going into a butterfly garden. Caleb fell asleep about halfway through and I definitely did not get to see everything, but I figured we’d be back so I headed out to go to the White House. Once I snapped a few pics from the iron gates, I went to the Washington Monument and then back to the car because I definitely wanted to get out of there before rush hour started.

All in all, we had a great mother/son day out! Tomorrow, we pick up my mom from the airport and she’ll be staying with us for 2 weeks :o) She’s going to watch Caleb for us this upcoming weekend when Steve and I go up to run the Niagara Falls Marathon (1/2 marathon for me). We’re spending a day to sightsee since I’ve never been to the falls and I want to do the Maid of the Mist and all of that fun stuff. I’m so going miss my lil’ boy, but I know he’ll be in great hands!

Other than that, not too much has been going on. Steve’s mom was here for a week earlier in the month and I cooked three “Thanksgiving” meals in a week though only two were for us (one meal was for Mellie beyond_my_smile since she just had a baby and I know she’s not going to want to cook). I’m talking turkey, mashed potatos, cornbread stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and apple pie all from scratch. Steve was a happy camper though I don’t think our waistlines agreed.

The photography business is getting busier. With fall and the foliage about to peak, lots of families and engagement sessions are going on. I’m also shooting a wedding so that’s exciting! I shot the couple’s engagement photos a few days ago and they were super fun :o)

Caleb’s getting bigger and bigger each and every day. I haven’t weighed him, but I’m guessing it’s over 20 lbs. In one day, someone asked if he was 2 years old and then another person asked if he was 1…not yet! He’ll be 8 months on the 25th and the day after, we meet his new doctor (switched to Tricare Prime–no more military hospitals for us). He rarely sits still and is always crawling, climbing and he can stand without holding onto anything for a few seconds. He eats 2 meals and a snack everyday and our routine is usually me feeding him some fruit + oatmeal for breakfast and then he self feeds apples, Cheerios, bagels, etc. while I eat my meal. His snack is around lunch time and is usually a yogurt. Dinner is pureed veggies and then he self feeds some shredded chicken or turkey in addition to apples, Cheerios, etc. I’ve given him an egg yolk once and if we’re out for dinner, he usually snacks on what we’re eating if it’s not too spicy/salty. He nurses 4-5x a day still not counting the ones at night to get him to go back to sleep when he wakes up. He’s teething now which makes him really clingy. Right now, he’s hating the crib so he’s sleeping in bed with us for the moment. Once that second tooth cuts, it’s back to the crib (his first one popped up while we were in MA last month just before he turned 7 months).

Steve’s been doing the usual–work and working out. We took Caleb in the BOB to run at the Mt. Vernon trail which is so pretty! And it’s shaded. We saw a lot of people on bikes with those trailers for their kids and since we have one for Caleb, we might do that before it gets too chilly. I was going to wait until he was older and get a helmet, but since this is just a hike & bike trail away from the cars, I think we’d be ok without one. We’ll see though!

Steve also submitted his top 3 choices for our next post choice and will be moving in July. In order of preference: 1. Fort Wainwright, AK 2. Fort Detrick, MD 3. Fort Jackson, SC. Steve thinks we’ll get Alaska which is exciting since it’s a BEAUTIFUL state and I’m excited to explore more of it, but at the same time, I’m terrified of what the winter will bring–frigid temperatures, snow and barely any sun. But, if we get Fort Detrick, then we’ll just stay in the area and move to the other side of DC. I don’t know much about Fort Jackon, SC, but it seems like people like it so…it’s all good to me. We should know by Thanksgiving (so they say)…so, we’ll see!

And as always, I end the post with pictures :oD

“Mom, is there something behind me?”

more pictures!