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Counting down the weeks….

Caleb must be going through some sort of growth spurt because it doesn’t matter what time he goes to bed, he’s been waking up around 10am these days. Hey, I’ll take it! So, while he’s snoozing, I figured I’d update the good ol’ blog.

I’m 33 1/2 weeks now! The end is near and we’re hoping to FINALLY get working on the nursery. I’m hoping to paint it this week and get some furniture assembled. We went out this past weekend to buy a new dresser and crib mattress so our “big” purchases are done. The crib and changing table are still in pieces in Caleb’s closet so that’ll free up some space once we can get those out. Then, I can finally see how the bedding looks that I made for her! Next, I’ll have to figure out curtains (got 3 big windows to cover) and wall art.

belly progression weeks 4-33

Overall, I feel pretty good. Most nights, I can sleep through the night without getting up to pee, but I still have to sleep on my back because of my SPD. I have the head and foot of the bed raised (Steve calls it “sleeping like a pretzal”), but it’s the only way I can get comfortable. Most nights, he can fall asleep, but if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he usually goes to the guest room to sleep. Sometimes the SPD acts up if I overdo things, but it’s usually ok after I slap on the maternity belt.

So far, I’m up 17 lbs. I was reading up on my pregnancy with Caleb and I was up 35 lbs. by this point already! Even though I’ve gained half the weight, I still feel really heavy…moving slower, waddling, getting tired…grocery shopping takes a lot out of me! Thankfully, Caleb will sit in the cart (went through an anti-cart phase for a bit) and he helps me pick out fruits and veggies to put in the cart. He’s very much into being mommy’s little helper so I’m glad! I also have tell him my shopping list and have him recite it back to me just in case pregnancy brain sets in. Apparently, we always have to get ice cream according to him!

We went on the maternity ward tour a few weeks ago and the hospital is really nice! It’s also super busy (5k+ births a year? YIKES). They’re very pro-breastfeeding and don’t bathe the baby for at least 6-12 hours after birth. Very into skin-to-skin and family bonding time.

I’ve been doing more arts and crafts. Thanks to Pinterest, I learned how to crochet! I could never do it correctly, but the tutorial looked fairly simple so I decided to give it another go. When I went to buy a crochet hook and yard at Michael’s,  an older lady saw me staring at the yarn with my pregnant belly and asked if I was making something for my baby. I was clearly a newbie so she brought out some hooks and yard and gave me an impromptu lesson in the middle of the aisle. It helped watching someone do it because I made my blanket that night :) Since then, I’ve made another blanket and two additional mini blankets for newborn props. I had some leftover yarn so I also made a pennant banner. I’ve been on a roll!

Steve knitting, me crocheting

Steve wanted to learn how to crochet, too, so I told him I’d teach him. But, then he thought it’d always be a comparison so he went out on his own to buy knitting needles and pink yard so he could knit Jenna a hat :) He used to knit years ago and made me a scarf for Christmas one year so he’s trying to re-learn and pick it up again. How sweet! We spent the other night in bed like two old farts with him knitting and me crocheting as we watched TV…lol. I’m currently working on a big blanket for Caleb since he wanted one, too. We went to Joann’s and he picked out the colors he wanted so I’ve been slowing working on it. Goes by a lot slower when it’s twice the size!

I’ve been also working with felt. I had bought a bunch of wool blend felt from Etsy to make flowers for headbands and recently made a sweet felt food themed goodies for a friend’s 2 year old (magnetic cake with candles, donuts, cookies, macarons, cupcakes) and most recently onesies. Caleb asked for a dinosaur shirt so that’ll be next–can’t forget about my big boy!

felt food–all calorie-free :)

camera onesie for my baby girl

Speaking of my big boy, he hit a milestone at swim class yesterday–he can float independently on his back now! Whenever we did the “mommy and me” type classes, he would always want to bend his back whenever we tried to float him. Since starting classes with a swim instructor, he listens so much better to him than he ever did with us. Yesterday thanks to more snow, he was the only student in class so he got a 1:1 with his instructor and at one point, I saw the instructor with both hands in the air and Caleb on his back–proud parent moment! He did this several more times so he was able to get a ribbon, a bracelet and got his pic taken for the swim school FB page :)

Caleb and his ribbon/bracelet showing he can now float on his back!

Anyway, it’s 10:40am and the beast has finally awoken so more later!


Project 365, Days 23-24: cooking without recipes, DIY laundry detergent & liquid hand soap

With it being so cold these past few days, Caleb and I stayed indoors yesterday, but made up for it today! Steve’s been working super long days at work and today Caleb and I ate dinner without him and I put Caleb to bed already. Not a fan.

Anyway, for dinner yesterday, I made sticky drumsticks which was a recipe my mom used to make. You can do this for ribs, chicken wings, etc. My mom would use soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar and white wine and you basically cook everything until the sauce becomes thick and sticky. No written recipes were used and it’s all based on taste. Steve would HATE that because he needs precise measurements if he’s cooking. A dash of this or a pinch of that does not cut it with him.

The other day, I made a pineapple fried rice with Chinese sausage and I had a few people asking for the recipe. To be honest, this was kind of thrown together with what I had in my fridge, but it turned out great! The savory flavors and the sweetness from the pineapple and sausage are a great compliment!

These are approximations, but you can adjust the amounts to your liking:

1 cup of long grain rice (I used brown jasmine)
1 1/4 cup of water (for the rice)
1 cup of carrots, diced
1 cup of spinach chopped
1 egg
1/2 cup of pineapple, diced
4 links of Chinese sausage, sliced
1/4 cup of soy sauce
3 tablespoons of an oil of your choice (I used bacon fat)

Mix the water and rice together and cook. I put mine in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes. Add oil to a pan and cook the sausage. Remove the sausage and scramble the egg. Once it’s done cooking, add back the sausage as well as the rice and carrots until the carrots begin to soften. Then add the spinach until it wilts. Add the soy sauce and then the pineapple last. Then, enjoy! Super easy one pot meal.

I think the only thing that could have made it better is if I had some Thai basil!  Yum!

Today during Caleb’s nap time, I made my own laundry detergent! My BFF, Smecky, had made her own liquid version before. I looked into making a powdered concoction instead because it seemed less tedious since it didn’t require any boiling/melting of soap and I didn’t have to keep it in a 5 gallon bucket.

After some Googling, I decided on a recipe that would include the Purex Crystal fabric softener. Reasons being that I already had 2 bottles of it at home, and I like my laundry to smell nice (and I think Fels-Naptha smells a lil’ too much like a Pine-Sol cleaner). It’s purely optional though.

So this is the recipe I used:

1. 77 oz. box of 20 Mule Team borax – $3.38
2. 55 oz box of Arm & Hammer washing soda – $4.95
3. 1 bar of Fels-Naptha soap – $0.97
4. 1 bar of Ivory soap – $0.40
5.  55 oz. Purex Crystals – $3.50 (I found it on clearance and I had a coupon. I think regularly, it’s around $9).
Total: $9.70 (without Purex Crystals)

And I’ve read this amount will last around a year. Use 1 tablespoon for regular loads, 2 for super dirty loads. Recipe is HE washer safe (which is what I have).

 I found a few recipes that varied in the amount of soap used. Some had just one bar of Ivory, some had just one bar of Fels-Naptha, some had two bars. I decided to do one of each, but you can do what you feel will work best.  Caleb is a messy eater so I figured I could use another bar. Other recipes included baking soda or OxiClean. I decided to keep it simple and stick with what all recipes had–the basics.

So, first thing is to grate your soap. I’m all for technology helping me out so I put the grater option on my food processor and let it go to town! It grated both bars of soap in about 10 seconds. The soap seemed a bit soft so the grated pieces were long–a bit long for my liking so I ended up swapping in the food processor blade and let it break down a bit further.

Then, put everything else together in a big bowl or container. Mix well and then place your laundry detergent in clean containers.

DIY powder laundry detergent
I decided to test out my batch so the first thing I did was wash a load of Caleb’s things. That’s the true test to see if this recipe would clean! After taking everything out of the dryer, here are my thoughts:

1. Everything is CLEAN! Food stains are all gone.
2. It’s clean smelling–something along the lines of what laundry should smell like. Only a trace of the Purex (lavender) was detected, but I do an extra rinse on my washes. No “Pine-Sol” smell from the Fels-Naptha.

So, the verdict so far is that I’m a believer! I still have about a month’s worth of Tide pods (we are BIG fans of Tide) and a HUGE box of powdered Tide from Costco, but I’ll save that for Caleb’s cloth diapers (can’t use my homemade batch since it has fabric softener).

And along the lines of making laundry detergent, I also had made my own liquid hand soap. We have a TON of bar soap that was just sitting in our garage so I was Googling to see if there was anything we could do with it (Steve wanted to just throw them out) and I came across making your own liquid hand soap.

Here’s what you need:

1. 1 bar of soap (glycerin soap not advised)
2. 10 cups of water
3. 1 tablespoon of glycerin (I bought mine at Michaels for $3)

Heat the water in a large pot. As you wait for the water to heat up, grate the soap. Again, I used my handy dandy food processor that can grate an entire bar in seconds. Add the soap to the water and as soon as the soap melts (should take a minute or so), add the glycerin and remove from the heat. It’s going to look like soapy water, but let it cool for several hours and it was congeal and harden. Mix everything together with an immersion blender or hand mixer and there you have it–your DIY liquid hand soap!

My thoughts on the DIY hand soap:

1. It doesn’t lather up very well, but it does foam up.  But, it does the job and my hands feel clean afterwards.
2. Smells nice! One of the bars of soap I used was from Bath & Body Works.
3. Soap kind of has a slimy consistency. Some people may be bothered by it.

I might make my own liquid hand soap from scratch since I’ve had experience making my own soap with sodium hydroxide already. From what I understand, the process is very similar, but you use potassium hydroxide instead. We’ll see though–I used up all the soap we had and made a CRAP load of liquid hand soap for the time being!

Project 365, Days 20-22: football, kid-free night & being crafty

Oops! I skipped posting my pictures for a few days because I was catching up on sleep. I was up until 4am the other day and it royally screwed up my sleep so I’ve been playing catch-up. Thank goodness Steve had a long weekend so he could watch Caleb so I could sleep in.

So, Sunday! It was the day of the playoffs with the Patriots and the Ravens so the entire family sported Patriots gear.

We met up with Roxie for lunch at a Mexican restaurant before checking out a playground on this beautiful day! Caleb had fun going up and down the slides and decided he wanted to go down this MEGA slide. It was HUGE and pretty steep. He wanted me to ride with him so I got into the tube and that’s when I realized that this thing was made for kids and NOT adults. Steve and Roxie were watching from the bottom thinking I was going to get stuck! Thankfully, we both fit, but I had to lay all the way down…eeks!

After that, we went home where Steve parked his butt in front of the TV while I made the BEST buffalo wings! They were crispy, not greasy and tasty. I used this recipe from All Recipes and I only let the flour sit on the chicken for 30 minutes in the fridge before frying in coconut oil though I may try baking next time. YUM!

While I tended to Caleb with his nightly bad and putting him to bed, the Patriots lost and Steve was in a foul mood. EEKS!

Anyway, that night I was up until 4am. I slept until almost 11am the next day. Steve went into work for a bit to catch up on emails, but came back so I could finally get a haircut after 5 months! I was trying to decide between growing it out or cutting it short. In the end, I got 3-4″ cut off and it was a bit shorter than I had thought it would be, but it’s all good! I wanted the hair off my neck and with the right side being burned by a candle last week, that pretty much dictated the rest of the haircut.

You can see how long my hair was in the previous pic.

I hired a babysitter that evening for Caleb so Steve, Roxie and I could go to the movies and see Zero Dark Thirty since I had heard so many good things about it. Plus, it’s been FOREVER since we’ve been to the movies. Caleb took to the babysitter right away which was great!

The movie was really good. Steve thought it was the best movie he had seen in a long time which is saying a lot (he’s one tough critic). Afterwards, we all went to grab a quick dinner at an Indian restaurant before heading back home.

The next day, it was back to work for Steve and Caleb slept in until almost 9am so that was great for me. The same babysitter came back to watch Caleb for a few hours so I could meet up with Roxie and use our Living Social vouchers for a glass fusing workshop where we’d be making a plate. The class was great! We spent 2 hours learning how glass works, how to score, cut, nip and assemble our masterpieces. In about two weeks, we get to go pick it up after it’s been fired twice in the kiln, but in the mean time, this is my plate:

I came home to put Caleb down for his nap and I decided to continue with some more craftiness and made my own liquid soap from bars of soap I had in the house. So easy and simple! I’ll make a separate post about it, but I’m probably done buying body wash from now on!

Steve worked a 12 hour day and came home just in time for dinner. I whipped up a pineapple fried rice with Chinese sausage which was super tasty! I’ll post the recipe soon since I had a few people inquire about it.

I designed and ordered another wedding album for the one I shot last month so I’m glad that’s done. I have two newborns scheduled for this weekend. Definitely loving all the tiny babies that I get to meet and photograph :)

homemade soap, DIY soap, lye soap, cold process soap

DIY: Soapmaking with oils and lye (cold process)

During Steve’s first deployment, I was a senior in college and still living in MA with my parents. My mom and I decided to look into some adult classes so once a week, we’d carpool and she took her still life drawing class and I took my soapmaking class. I was amazed that mixing some oils and lye (scary!!) created a chemical reaction that produced SOAP! After weeks of curing, they were ready to go.

When I got home, my BFF, Smecky, and I would have soapmaking craft nights. We did it the way I learned in class and after a trip to AC Moore, we discovered “melt and pour” soaps. It was great because that’s all we did–melt the soap block, pours into molds, and we could use them right away.

Now fast forward eight years. We’re at Costco and Steve is looking for coconut oil for his Paleo diet. The very mention of coconut oil brought me back to my soapmaking class and I was re-inspired to look into it again.

After moving to our current home, I had recently found my box of soapmaking supplies, including a container of lye, so I decided to give it another go! Melt and pour soapmaking is fun, but there’s just something more that comes with making your own soap through the cold process. Maybe is the science behind it :)

So, here’s a photo step-by-step tutorial of when I made my second batch of soap. Please take caution when working with lye as it is caustic! And always double check any receipt through SoapCalc to make sure you have the correct ratios of the oils (depending on their type), water and lye.

This is is the recipe I used after running it through SoapCalc. Very basic with ingredients found in almost every home.

awesomeness under here

baby stuff – stroller & Boppy

A few weeks ago, one of the managers I work with asked me where I was registered. I don’t really want to advertise at work, but if they ask, I will provide so I told him. Then yesterday, he stopped by my cube and lets me know that the guys got me and lil’ Caleb a gift that we’ll have a party for me in a few weeks. When, I found out what they got me, I WAS FLOORED! They bought me the BOB Revolution AW stroller!

our stroller!

I thought maybe they’d get a gift that was $100 at the most, but that stroller is not cheap and was above and beyond what they needed to get me. I am SO lucky to work with such generous people that words can’t even express it. I’m REALLY excited to use it because I do want to start running again once he’s here and the doc gives me the ok. Austin has LOTS of stroller friendly races and I would love to push him in one. The trails that I used to run on are at park near our subdivision so I see lots of walks together in the future. I ran 5 races the year Steve was deployed and then we ran a half marathon together upon his return. One of my goals is to run a full marathon one day!

It seems that most people who have one use it at their main stroller–it’s lightweight, has a zero degree turning radius, has the car seat adapter and everyone seems to love it. I’m now on the fence about getting the Uppababy Vista–though we may still spring for it once we move to DC. It may be better if we plan to do a lot of commuting via the metro, but we’ll re-assess once we get there. Plus, when we do go for kiddo #2, the Uppababy Vista has a rumble seat option so it converts to a double and *IF* there is ever a kiddo #3, you can buy the skate accessory so they can stand and glide (though I doubt there will be a #3). Decisions, decisions.

Last week, I scored a green Bumbo w/ a tray for $15. This week, I got a Boppy with the sweet pea cover for $15 as well! When I got home, I knew that I wanted to sew a slipcover for it so that’s what I did last night. I found a template for it so I printed it out, traced my fabric and away we go! I’m getting more and more confident working with zippers, too.

DIY boppy cover template
my baby score and the Boppy template

DIY boppy cover - front & back
the Boppy w/ my slipcover! One side has owls/apples and the other is a soft green minky w/ the zipper

Did I mention that I finished clearing out Caleb’s room? The desk that was there has been moved to the loft and that’s where I do my sewing now. The nursery does look kind of empty without a crib in there, but that’s ok. There’s lots of floor space so that’s good for tummy time or an inflatable bed for a 2nd guest room (which will be needed in January and March next year).

I also sewed a wet bag with an owl canvas and lined with clear vinyl–wet bags are good for storing yuck-o cloth diapers, any soiled clothing from leaky diapers or poo-splosions, or even for grown ups like when we change out of our swim suits after an afternoon of tubing.

DIY owl wet bag
babies and grown ups can find uses for a wet bag

I’m glad to have my sewing space back. It kind of got crazy for a while sewing on our formal dining room, but we’re good now!

doc appointment & fat tie onesies

I totally forgot to write about my doc appointment last week. It was the first appointment that I went to that didn’t involve an ultrasound. It was also the first appointment that Steve didn’t come with me to, but that’s ok because now appointments will be more frequent. So, I went in and they did the usual weight, blood pressure and me peeing on a stick. I met with a midwife and we listened to the heartbeat with a doppler and Caleb had the hiccups :o) Heartbeat was in the 140’s and then she measured my fundal height. I am right on track–24cm at 24 weeks.

We talked about my upcoming trip to Hawaii and she had actually lived there at one point! We’re staying on Maui and we pretty much did everything there during our honeymoon 5 years ago EXCEPT the road to Hana. While looking at tours, some of them had warnings for pregnant ladies so I asked her if it’d be ok if I went on a tour. It’s basically a 12 hour tour in a van through a rainforest. She said her only concern would be car sickness since the road is very curvy. She said as long as took some precautions like motion sickness pills, she would see no problem. Whoot!

As soon as I got to work, I spoke with the tour company to make sure it was ok for pregnant ladies to go on the tour. I was told that many expecting ladies had been on the tour and he had mentioned the car sickness thing. I think I should be ok though so I’m really excited!

Speaking of baby appointments, I made one today for the 3d/4d ultrasound in less than 3 weeks. By then, lil’ Caleb should be getting some fat under his skin so he should look more like a baby with a chubby face :o) I can’t wait! I invited a few friends and my MIL to see if they wanted to sit in during the ultrasound to see the lil’ guy. Steve and I also have our 2nd 5 hour childbirthing class that day…fun times.

Today was great because Steve cooked dinner while I worked on another arts & crafts project for our baby–fat tie onesies! Steve made beef ribs with rotini and baby bok choy. So yummy!

I’m not sure if you guys remember, but about a year and a half ago, I screenprinted some onesies for friends who were expecting kiddos :o) I had seen ones where people sewed the ties with fabric, but I was not so well versed with the sewing machine then…

self screenprinted onesies
this was then…July 2009

Now, I am finally able to make them! I drew and cut out a tie template from poster board and used that to cut out some fat ties from fabric scraps I had. Then, I used heat bond to glue the tie to the onesie before sewing a straight stitch around it–which was a pain! But, I did it and they came out super cute! Now, Caleb has more ties than Steve–he will be stylin’!

DIY fat tie onesies
this is now!

DIY fat tie onesies
I can’t wait to see him wear all these outfits!

a few more crafty items…I did bake, too!

Remember a few days ago when I made my own butter? Well, I decided that I needed to do something with it–and that something was to bake cookies! I made a batch of M&M cookies since I already had everything in the house and didn’t need to venture out for anything extra. This may sound strange, but I could smell the sweetness of the butter when I pulled them out of the oven. They were SO good! And, they’re all gone :o)

M&M cookies
yummy goodness!

I looked into making fabric rosettes which I guess are a bit different from the rolled fabric flowers I made a few days ago, too. They require ironing, but look less “fat” so I decided to give it a whirl. It turned out really cute so I made another headband:
fabric rosette headband
Another pretty headband–I will probably give this one away. Nori nori, do you want?

Steve came home from exams at school right when I was finishing up with my arts & crafts so I had him model my headband. As you can tell, he was not pleased. He only allowed me to take one picture and said that it could not be posted on Facebook–he didn’t say Flickr or LJ sooooo, here he is :oD

my model is back in town!
I’m so glad my model is home

Today, I am 25 weeks! I finally took the time to edit my weekly progression pics from the day I found out I was pregnant until now. And to think, I used to think I was “sooo big” when I was 14-16 weeks. HA! It’s neat to look back at this though. I look like I’m carrying lower now–lil’ C likes to hang out low because that’s where he’s kickin’ and is also making get up to pee in the middle of the night again!

belly progression!
me from 3w3d to 25w!

I finally finished sewing another mei tai baby carrier for a friend from college who’s pregnant and also due in March! I used a much thicker and stronger type of twill for the straps and broke 2 sewing needles in the process. The last needle couldn’t handle 9 layers of fabric and broke–a piece of it hit me in the eye! It irritated it for a while, but I’m just glad it didn’t STAB my eyeball–that would have been really, really bad. Plus, with all of the padding, it was really hard to sew straight lines because it would barely fit under the sewing foot! I hope she still likes it regardless…

blue dots mei tai for another mommy friend :o)
another hood-to-headrest mei tai for a fellow March mom :o)

Anyway, tonight we’re going out for a Chinese hot pot dinner with some friends! Though it’s not quite as cold as some other places, it’s still “cool” enough here in TX to enjoy a hot, soupy meal. Then, it’s off to bed early since I’ve got an early drive out to Dallas to see some special people!

I had a pretty crafty night

This weekend, I’m seeing one of my BFFs who moved away from TX Angela canadagirl & her son, Tyler, so I was really kickin’ it into high gear with sewing. I plan on giving them their Christmas gifts while they’re here so I really wanted to finish the blanket for her son (shhh, don’t tell him). He had a jungle theme for his 1st birthday so I figured I’d do the same thing for his blanket. I had all my quilt squares cut out and quilted–all I was waiting for the designer jungle print that I ordered from Etsy and it finally arrived. I got down to business. I finished sewing that night and parked my butt in front of the TV watching The Biggest Loser so rag all the squares before popping it into the washer/dryer. This morning, they were completed!

jungle animal rag quilt
My “Vanna White” aka Steve isn’t here to hold it up for me so it’s on a chair–should be great for cold, winter days.

I also made something for myself…a rolled fabric flower headband :o) It’s been on my DIY to-do list and since I had some scrap fabric (can you tell they had owl prints on it??) so I decided to spent $5 on a glue gun and buy a pack of skinny headbands. I used a tutorial that I found on Prudent Baby (one of my fav go-to places for DIY projects). I wore it today and I got a number of comments and compliments on it :o)

DIY rolled slower headband
Me today! Oh, the shirt is maternity, but it barely covers the panel on the pants…eeps.

DIY rolled fabric flower headband
A close up of the headband…cute, right?

Tonight, I made some wash cloths since I had to figure out what to do with some oddly cut terry cloth. Right now, I have some fabric, terry cloth and pre-folds being washed/dried so I can make a few more items :o)

Lil’ C has been kickin’ SO much lately! Especially after I eat breakfast–it makes it hard to concentrate at work since I just want to watch my belly move :o) The vid is about a minute long, but the mini-kicks are at the 36, 20, 16, 10 and 1 sec mark.

Pregnant brain strikes, but arts & crafts makes things all better…

A few days ago, I placed an order for photo cards that I’ll be sending out for Christmas/Chanukah/the holidays. I checked the pictures, the spelling, even sent a copy to Steve and everthing seemed a-ok. I submitted the order and I was done. Today, I checked on the order since I got an email that it had shipped. That’s when I realized I HAD PUT AN EXTRA WORD IN A SENTENCE ON THE CARD! *palm head* So, I have a sentence that reads, “We hope to you see you soon in 2011.” I didn’t wait to pay for another 50 photo cards so I was scrambling for possible remedies while kicking my own bum.

My plan was to go to Michael’s after work to see if I could find some scrapbooking stickers small enough to cover that extra word. Luckily, I found something that will be perfect so I think it’ll be ok. I texted Steve and he told me to re-order another set, but I refused. I posted about this on the baby boards and someone said it’d be something memorable for the baby book so I’ll just leave it at that. So, if anyone gets a holiday card from us with a random sticker on it, that’s why :o)

While at Michael’s, I picked up some MDF letters and scrapbooking paper so I could decoupage them for Caleb’s nursery. People sell decorated letters fro $8/letter on Etsy! I was able to get everything for less than $15. Yay for being crafty!

finished product
made with love for our boy–now I just gotta figure out how to hang them on the wall

quick & easy process

Halloween weekend = more sewing!

Friday, I wore my baby skeleton shirt to work which was a huge hit! I had comments all day and some lady took a picture of me. By the afternoon, we had the “trail of treats” where people could bring their kids around the office to get candy. One of the managers always goes ALL OUT to decorate his office, but he was going to be gone for the afternoon so he had asked me to pass out candy for those that stopped by his office. Who knew giving out candy for 2 hours would be so exhausting, but the kids were so cute and they REALLY liked his office decoration.

After I got off, Steve came with me to JoAnn Fabric so I could buy more of that cute owl fabric I had purchased a few days ago while it was still in stock and on sale. I also picked up some twill for making another mei tai–this time for Kerri oxrockstarxo who is also doing an owl theme for her little girl :o) After picking up a few more items like a rag scissors (totally work the money) and some more thread, we headed over to Freebirds for dinner. It was so good–I had forgotten how much better it is than Chipotle.

Saturday morning, we woke up and went over to the Pancake House for breakfast. I ordered the bacon pancakes which are so, so good :o) We were talking about what to make for dinner and decided to stop by Super Target to pick up the few ingredients that we didn’t have at the house (Steve was making some sort of spicey Thai dish). While we were there, we realized that Steve’s mom’s birthday was the next day and he called her to see if she was up for a visit.

We browsed around for a while and picked up a few things. Steve picked out a baby blanket that was sports-themed which was really cute along with some golf balls. I found a maternity swiming suit top on clearance for $6–whoot! We also got a few things for Steve’s mom’s birthday gift before heading home for a while.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we were petsitting a dog so the weekend was a little crazy having 4 dogs in the house. That’s always fun.

We headed up to Copperas Cove to see the in-laws. Steve’s mom opened her gifts–including the ones from his dad. He was feeling tired so after the gift opening ceremony, he went to lay down while we went out to the patio to play Scrabble. I guess Steve’s dad is notorious in taking forever during Scrabble so they never play it. But, since he was sleeping, we dusted it off and went with it. I guess it must be like father, like son because I had to use the timer on Steve on almost every one of his turns!

Anyway, after the game, we headed home where Steve cooked dinner while I got started on my sewing project. I finished most of it that night and did the last minute touches in the morning. Is it sooo cute?

hooded mei tai
hood-to-headrest owl mei tai

Steve and Liz’s husband, Kevin, were hanging out to watch football so I was able to get a few more sewing projects done in the late morning/afternoon. I had wanted to make some bibs to match the burp cloths I had made previously and found a really easy tutorial that included a template so I printed it out, and used that to trace out my fabric. I used hook & loop fasteners for the bibs and voila–done! I made a set with the blue owl print I had found last week and another with a new print I found.

2 owl burp cloths & a bib
a contoured burp cloth, prefold burp cloth and terry cloth bib featuring another owl print fabric I found on Friday

The guys came back from lunch and then watched the football game. Once I was done sewing, I propped myself on the couch and actually fell asleep…oopsies! I guess there was some confusion as to who was snoring–me or Coco who was sleeping on my lap…

Our first trick-or-treater came at 6pm and they started to trickle in from there. At 7pm, Steve and I actually left the house for a bit to do some late minute grocery shopping so we probably missed the bulk of the trick-or-treaters. It was probably a good thing since we didn’t have much candy and there were a LOT of kids out that night. We came back around 7:45pm and had some more stop by until 8:15pm.

Monday was back to the grind and I found out that facilities had tossed out my 1/2 gallon of milk! I already had my cereal in a bowl and ready to go :o( Usually, they will let you keep things in the fridge with an expiration date like salad dressing or coffee creamer so I don’t know why my milk got thrown out–it was practically new and the lactose-free kind so it was not cheap. I ended up going downstairs to the cafe to buy a lil’ bottle of milk, but I was still annoyed.

When I got home from work, I had some fabric arrive from Etsy of assorted owls :o) So, I sewed some more burp cloths–nothing fancy–just the ones where you sew fabric onto some prefolds. They are super cute though and will come in handy for sure.

DIY owl burp cloths
more owl printed burp cloths :oD

After today, I think I’m going to take a break from sewing. I’m getting pretty burnt out sitting at a sewing machine for so long. Plus, this month’s weekends will be pretty busy so I probably won’t have much time to sew anyway. Can anyone believe it’s already November? Only 4 more months until the lil’ guy is here :oD