Sewing projects, anatomy scan and meeting a doula

During the week of Christmas/New Years, Steve had a modified schedule where he had a few days on and a day off so I took advantage of having him home and started some sewing projects! My plan has always been to make Jenna’s nursery bedding. Crib sheets, blankets, quilts, changing pad covers–all that stuff is easy. I don’t plan on using a bumper and I will probably reuse the crib skirt that I already have, but if not, I can always make one :)

I bought a new sewing machine as a gift to myself! It’s this one by Brother (I paid $120 for a warehouse box–never opened, but the box was a bit dented. Machine was fine!) mostly because it has more power, it’s computerized and it had a few extras like a quilting table and could do simple lettering. My current one was a Black Friday deal that Steve lovingly bought for me years ago and spray painted the cover pink because I told him I wanted a pink sewing machine. It’s been used plenty, but it can’t handle thick layers and broken needles have come flying at my EYES on more than one occasion.

Anyway, over the course of a week, I stayed up late on more than one occasion to sew three quilts, a big crib minky blanket, changing pad cover and crib sheet! The new sewing machine is awesome and it’s sooo much easier to thread the bobbin and it can handle multiple layers.

crib minky blanket

minky changing pad cover

My 1st quilt using a disappearing 9 quilt block pattern! The back of the quilt is the bird fabric with a bamboo batting.

So proud of my 1st quilt that I signed it. I hope she keeps it forever.

Crib sheet that I tested out on the only crib sized mattress we had in the house–Caleb’s bed!

Saw a jelly roll fabric pack at JoAnn’s so decided to pick it up and try my hand at a jelly roll jam quilt. Not perfect, but pretty! I put it together with bamboo batting and the back has a solid yellow fabric with pink and green chevron fabric.

Not pictured is another baby quilt, but it’s basically a smaller version of the minky blanket I made with quilted blocks of the same fabric. I’m hoping to start the nursery (painting, furniture assembly, etc.) by March, finish by April and be ready by May!

We had another snow day and Steve’s car got stuck for two days! He ended up taking my car one day to go take his GRE’s (yay for an SUV with AWD). It was sooo cold, but Caleb wanted to go play in the snow so I said ok. We made it an hour (well, I did, before I said it was time to go in). The snow was so powdery that it was hard to make a snowman so I shoveled a mound and called it a snow volcano…lol.

This week, I am 22 weeks along! I finally got to see Jenna kicking from the outside and took a video of it. She loves to party late, late at night and when I wake up. When I tell Caleb that Jenna is kicking me, he says, “Jenna, don’t kick Mommy. It’s not nice!”  He’s too funny :)

22 week update

I had my anatomy scan at 22 1/2 weeks. The actual ultrasound was done by the OB and he was very detailed in describing what we were looking at–it was really neat! Everything looked good: saw the heart’s 4 chambers, umbilical cord, no cleft lip, kidneys looked good, spine looked good. She is measuring a bit small–11th %tile. He said anything above 10th %tile is normal, but since she’s on the cusp, he wanted to do another ultrasound at my next appointment just to make sure she’s growing. She’s a lil’ peanut!

I asked him about my weight gain (or lack of, really). At this point, I’ve gained only 2 lbs. He said that my fluid levels were good and placenta was good so she’s growing and healthy–just to keep doing what I was doing and not to worry. It was reassuring to hear that! It’s just so funny how different pregnancies can be. By the time I was 23w with Caleb, I was already up 18 lbs!

I got two generic print outs. In Austin, we got a DVD with video, pics and lots of pics! Not that I’m complaining, but just interesting to see how different offices do things. I’m just glad I have a healthy baby.

Later that day, Caleb started his first parent-free, instructor led swim class. We had been going to one swim school for months, but it was a “mommy and me” type setting and I think he was bored. He couldn’t advance to the next level until he was 3 and potty trained. We told them he was already potty trained, but the age thing was the restriction and they seemed pretty strict about it. We tried out this swim school and the class he’s doing starts at 3, but they said he was close enough that he could try it. The limit the class to 4 students, but he just happened to be the only one there that night so he got a private 1 on 1 class. Steve and I sat across the pool and watched him–he warmed up very quickly to the instructor and did sooo well! Even the instructor said he took direction very well and will learn very quickly so we were super proud of our lil’ guy.

Today, Caleb and I met up with Steve for lunch before meeting with a potential doula. I didn’t have one with Caleb, but had been contemplating one with this lil’ one especially since I’m going to try and shoot for a med-free birth (crazy, I know). She seemed really nice and also includes birth photography on the side so that’s a plus! I’m going to meet with another doula and then decide.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on here! Tomorrow, we’re carpooling with friends to Harrisburg, PA, for a farm show and meeting up with other friends. Then, I have two newborn sessions. Never a dull moment here :)









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