procrastinate is my middle name wednesday i didnt get studying ’til 3pm. i spent the day in my PJs wrapping up presents..hehe..i had to drop off/pick up my brothers from the high school..i sat in the parking lot for an hour and the other one never came out..grr..tried to study in the car but that didnt work very well..

so i got to school early..tried to look over some material real quick..then came the final 6-8..the marketing part was a breeze but economics was hard man! bleh..but at least it’s over..

i stopped by star market to do some shopping for my mom..then i went home to shower right quick. mark and i had a fighting match on tonite :o)

so i got to his house around 10ish..i told him i couldnt fight on an empty stomach so we went to kelly’s roast beef to eat..then i told him i couldnt fight while digesting..hehe..we watched a few mins. of the replacements before the rumble started..i had to take myrings off cuz it started ti dig into my skin and gave me a little cut..but i got a few punches in here and there..hehe..he tried to make me say uncle but i refused! i think i won this round :oD

i went home around noon cuz my mom had a dr. appointment at 12:45. little did i know that i also had a nutrition lab practical/final today too! good thing vicky told me..i was like “oh shit!” cuz i totally didnt know and didnt study but it wasn’t very hard.

i had to drive my bros to practice again..bleh..came home and i napped for 3 hours. i woke up just in time for temptation island..hehe..ate dinner and i still havent started studying for the UPS final yet. it’s open book and notes so thats cool for me. i think im gonna study for like an hour or so now and then wake up early and study some more then :o) wish me luck! gnite!

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