Jenna is 1 month old!

I started typing up my birth story on my laptop. I’m already three pages into it and still need to finish it. Ugh, I hope I can finish it soon before the details fade.

But, Jenna’s already a month old! Holy cow. Time has flown by so quickly and we’re enjoying every minute of it. She’s already been on a road trip to Chicago, next week is Pennsylvania to meet her great grandma and then Austin, TX, at the end of the month.

She’s chubbing up nicely! We weighed her informally on the bathroom scale last night and she’s already at 10 lbs! She’s outgrown a few newborn sleepers, but can still fit in some outfits and we’ve ventured into the 0-3 clothing some. We’ve been cloth diapering full time since we’ve been home from the hospital and when we visited my friend, Lisa, in Chicago, I brought my entire NB stash and was able to make it through the entire trip only washing the load once with a few left to spare.

Jenna is a pretty laid back baby. She sleeps 3-4 hours stretches (sometimes 5) and grunts when she’s hungry. I wake up, nurse, and she’s back out. She poops soooooooooo much! The pediatrician reminded us that BF babies tend to poop at almost every diaper change, but I totally didn’t remember it being like this with Caleb.

It took a few tries, but Jenna is now a fan of bath time! She cries when I undress her, but as soon as she’s in the warm water, she just relaxes. She loves getting her hair washed and one time, she slept through her entire bath…eyes closed and everything!

Here are a few pictures until I can get my act together and finish my birth story.


3 weeks old


before we left for our road trip to Chicago


in Chicago for a Ragnar race


comparing Caleb vs Jenna–they look so different!

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