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Musings with only a few more weeks to go…

April 9, 2014. That was the due date for the baby we lost right before conceiving Jenna. The day came and went and I only spent a few minutes thinking about how things would have been different. According to the Chinese gender predictor (which has been correct 2/2 for me), the baby would have been a boy. His name probably would have been Colin. He’d most likely already be here since Caleb was an early baby. Then, I thought about the emotional rollercoaster of a week that was…finding out I was pregnant the day Steve’s father passed. The highs and lows and then super lows.

But, now here we are! I’m 36w along with a a healthy baby girl who moves all of the time to let me know she’s here! I can’t believe that next week, she’ll be full term. I have one more ultrasound next week to check my fluid levels and then I will start my weekly appointments. This pregnancy has just flown by!

These past few weeks, we’ve made good progress with Jenna’s nursery, but it still needs work. Steve helped me paint it and we finished in about 2 1/2 hours. I assembled the crib, changing table and dresser on my own (though Steve did help me for 5 minutes to hold things together for the crib). Half her closet is all set with her clothes all hung up, but the other half still has boxes that we never unpacked and some photography stuff so I have to go through those things.

I’ve been crocheting like crazy! I’ve made so many hats, bonnets, leg warmers, you name it! Just thinking ahead for her newborn photos. I also made her crib skirt and a pennant banner that hangs above her crib. I’ll probably eventually add her name to it. I have a painting I did back in 2010 that would match her room, but I have no idea where it is….probably hidden in the garage so I hope to find it soon. And I couldn’t find storage boxes that I liked for her changing table so I made my own fabric covered boxes…they fit all her cloth diapers perfectly!

new wall color, crib set up with pennant banner, quilt and crib skirt made by me :)

Caleb has been so sweet and is really excited to be a big brother. Everyday, he hugs and gives my belly a kiss. He tells Jenna that he loves her. When we go out shopping, he tells people that he’s a big brother. He wants to be involved in things that relate to Jenna. When I was putting the dresser together, he would help bring me pieces (which was a great help since I was sitting on my butt for 75% of the time screwing things together). He picked out her fuzzy pink rug and said, “I think Jenna will really like this!” And when we ask what he will do as a big brother, he always says that he will protect her from bad guys and cars (i.e. holding her hand in parking lots). And he also says he will help bring me diapers.

We met up with a co-worker and wife of Steve’s last week and they have a tiny 6 week old girl. Caleb was fascinated with her! He’d touch her feet and her hands, but was also very nervous, but he would stand by the car seat and just look at her in amazement. I kept telling him that Jenna was going to be that small, too :) I can’t wait to see how he interacts with Jenna.

Last week after a grocery trip, I was strapping Caleb into his car seat and while I was pulling his strap tight, I heard and felt my wrist pop. It was the strangest feeling and it was a little tender, but I didn’t think much of it and went on with my day. The next morning, I woke up at 5am in pain and ended up going to a walk-in clinic. The doc didn’t think it was a break–rather something with the tendons/ligaments so they wrapped me up with a split and put me in a sling. After talking with a few people, they were saying it was due to the pregnancy relaxin hormone that probably made things loose so it was one of those freak things. Oh the joys…I’ve had to do a lot of things with my left hand and some times, I need help! One time, Steve had to help pull my pants up…haha.

the hazards of being a mom

It’s been a week and it’s still tender, but it’s better. I don’t wrap it up anymore, but I have to be careful with certain things like when I turn on the car–the twisting motion still hurt. But, for the most part, I’m ok.

This morning, we went to a car seat clinic to check and make sure I had Caleb’s car seat correctly installed forward facing (made it almost 3 years and 2 months before we made the switch) and  to make sure Jenna’s bucket was good. They asked if I had installed or Steve and when I said I had, they were saying it was a good install *pats self on the back*. They took the car seats out just to check everything and had me re-install it. Then, they double checked and had me practice with a doll buckling up a newborn. One more thing to cross off the list!

Tomorrow, we have our first of two maternity sessions. I found two different photographers that were offering cherry blossom mini sessions so the one tomorrow is at the Tidal Basin in DC. The one next week is in a neighborhood in Bethesda that usually blooms a week later. I’m just looking for options :)

We also met with a birth photographer! She’s building her portfolio and I’m her first client so we’ll see how things go. I figured as long as we get some shots and family shots afterwards, I’ll be happy. I’m really looking forward to the photos of our reactions moments after Jenna arrives.

My mom called to try and figure out when to drive down and stay with us…sounds like she’s coming in about two weeks. With Caleb, I went into labor the day after she flew in so it maximized the four weeks she stayed with us. This time, she’s driving down since she’s bringing her dog so hopefully she can be here on time!

Other than that, things are going well. I’m nearing the end, but still feel pretty good! Every once in a while, I get the aches especially when I’ve been sitting down for too long, but other than that, I really can’t complain. I sleep fairly well and Jenna lets me sleep for the most part. The weather has finally warmed up so I’ve been hanging outside with Caleb more–lots of playground visits and a trip to the animal park! He had such a blast and it’s not too big of a place so I didn’t get sore walking around unlike the day we went to the zoo….oi!

pony rides, feeding animals and petting a bearded dragon named Buttercup

Tomorrow is my baby shower thrown by Roxie and my MIL! There was no talking her out of it so I’m just going to enjoy the day with friends and family. I didn’t make a formal registry other than a small list I kept on Amazon mostly for myself so I could get the 10% completion coupon (which I just got the other day!!!). A few people have asked what we needed and the honest answer has been NOTHING! We bought the crib mattress and dresser a few weeks ago which were really the only things that were “needed” since Caleb is still using those items. Everything else we have from the days of Caleb and we’ve been buying clothes and got hand-me-downs. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and in the 80’s so I’ll be sporting a maternity dress I bought :)

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on here. The nesting kick is in full force so I’ve been cleaning and trying to catch up with laundry since we got home from our outing today. Hopefully, this momentum can keep up for the next couple of weeks! Because if Jenna’s anything like her brother, she might be here in 2 1/2 weeks *gulp*.

Almost in the 3rd trimester…where has time gone?

I’ll be 26 weeks this weekend. And then I’ll be in the third trimester the following week. It’s scary how fast this pregnancy is flying by! I always remembered my pregnancy with Caleb dragging by and feeling like it was forever before he was here. But, I guess things are different when I’m chasing around a toddler and doing things like planning his 3rd birthday party :)

Things have been slowing down and I’ve been taking some time to do some crafty things which I have missed so much. I recently made my own lip balm which has been great since they always seem to be in short supply in this house. A few simple ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax along with some essential oils and you’ve got yourself some lip balm! I bought some lip balm tubes on Amazon and made several kinds, but my fav are the chocolate mint ones I made!

At 24 weeks, we made it to viability! It’s a milestone I’m glad we made…one little step at a time. I read in my pregnancy book that the youngest micro-preemie ever to survive was 21 weeks old. That is just so amazing!


24 weeks

I also treated myself to a hair cut. First one during the pregnancy! The overgrown a-line was kind of driving me nuts so I had the stylist even it all out. I actually think one side is longer than the other which kind of annoys me and it’s at an awkward length. I just hope it grows (come on, prenatals) and then I can get one more cut before Jenna makes her arrival.


belly kisses 20 weeks difference…Caleb grew 1 1/2″

Last week, we had two snow days so Steve got to stay home with us and play! Early on during the storm, we went sledding down a small hill in front of our house. Caleb has so much fun and apparently, so did Steve. It was his second time sledding EVER!


That night we roasted marshmallows in the fire place and made s’mores…nom nom! And speaking of food, I’ve been eating a second dinner or snacking before bed almost daily. Jenna must be going through a growth spurt because I nearly doubled my weight gain (4 lb gain to an 8 lb gain in 2 weeks). We have an ultrasound on Tuesday to check her growth since she’s a bit on the small side so I can’t wait to hear if she’s gotten any bigger!

Caleb and I are in MA at the moment–just in time for Chinese New Year! Originally, Steve had planned to fly to TX and help his mom pack up the last of her house and drive back to MD during the first weekend of February so I told my mom I’d come up with Caleb. Well, Steve ended up making that trip two weeks earlier during MLK weekend so I told my mom we’d still come up. It’d give Caleb a chance to see everyone for his 3rd birthday (a few weeks early) before Jenna makes her debut. At least Steve can watch the Super Bowl in peace even if the Patriots aren’t in it.

I made the drive up here with Caleb yesterday is pretty decent time despite not one, but two accidents with overturned vehicles (one SUV and 2 semi trucks). I was able to drive 6 1/2 hours straight before stopping for gas and a small dinner and then an hour later, Caleb told me he had to poop (best timing, I was 3/4 mile from a rest area) so that added some more time, but it took 8 1/2 hours total.

My mom has already taken Caleb to Toys R Us so Caleb could pick out his birthday present and also got Miss Jenna a few outfits and her first bathing suit! I could die from the cuteness.

Anyway, off to bed soon. Hope everyone is staying warm!

DIY raw coconut milk, coconut flour and coconut butter

So, we’ve dabbled in the paleo world on and off for just over a year now. Steve’s never quite lost the baby weight he gained while I was pregnant with Caleb and with Jenna on the way, he’s determined to lose some weight before her arrival. He joined a gym a few months ago and is on the paleo bandwagon again.

He bought a couple of coconuts last week exactly for this project and then left them on the counter top while he flew to TX to help his mom move and drive back to MD so today, I finally decided to do something about them. In about an hour, I had  2 quarts of fresh coconut milk, a pint of coconut flour ready to be dehydrated and 4 oz of coconut cream that will be made into coconut oil.


Grab yourself two mature coconuts. The ones here are pre-scored for easier cracking


Whack your coconut open. I used a badass meat cleaver.


Once your coconut cracks, you can wedge it open with a butter knife. Up to you if you want to save or toss the coconut water inside. Some people will drink it like Gatorade, though when we were in Hawaii, we were told that drinking too much of it will give you the runs.


There you have yourself a beautiful coconut!


I used a spoon to wedge the coconut meat from the shell. Use a veggie peeler to remove the rest of the shell.


Add about 1/2 the coconut meat to a food processor with a cup of water. If you have a blender, you could probably do everything all at once. Add less water if you want more of a coconut cream like you’d find in a can.


Let it go to town for a bit.


Once you’re done blending, pour everything in a cheesecloth over a bowl.


SQUEEEEEEZE! The liquid will be your coconut milk.


When you’re done squeezing, save the coconut pulp.


Spread your pulp onto the tray you’d use for fruit leather on your food dehydrator. Let it go for a few hours. Alternatively, you can do this in your oven at the lowest temp. Once it’s dried, pop it back in the food processor.


In the end we had 2 quarts of coconut milk (we had already used some for our fruit smoothies earlier), a pint of coconut flour and coconut cream (which I’m currently making coconut oil).

So, there you have it! The coconut milk will keep in the fridge for 3-4 days to use it up! I already have plans for coconut infused rice and some butter chicken recipe that my friend Tina verbally told me how to make. Coconut flour can be used in all sorts of paleo baking, especially since Steve’s been on the quest on finding something sweet (he’s been making “cake in a cup”, brownies, cookies, etc).

As for the coconut oil, to make that you can skim the cream and let it ferment for 1-2 days. The oil and water will separate so then you can stick it in the fridge and scrape your oil. That is a work in progress and will be slathered all over my expanding belly :) [SEE BELOW FOR FASTER METHOD]

Oh and if you’re wondering what to do with the coconut shells, this is always fun!

A coconut bra for Caleb?

EDIT: For those who want their coconut oil faster and don’t want to wait for the fermentation process to take place, you can use this method that I saw on a YouTube video. You can heat up your cream on the stove and it will separate–the liquid is the oil so you just pour and strain that out. Voila! I got about 2 oz. in the end.

A faster way to make your coconut oil--heat it up! It will separate and then you can strain your oil.

A faster way to make your coconut oil–heat it up! It will separate and then you can strain your oil.

felt food – I wish I had known about this stuff earlier

With Caleb being my first kiddo, there were certain things I knew for sure that I wanted to do with him–breastfeed, cloth diaper and babywear. There were also a lot of things that I never heard of until having a kid including felt food!

My baby month group is still very active and a few ladies got together and created a felt food exchange. I thought it’d be fun for Caleb so I joined two of them. I was kind of handy with a sewing machine and I could sew by hand so I figured why not?

For the first exchange, I decided to make watermelons because it was summer, they looked adorable and seemed easy enough to make on my own without having to buy a pattern. There were 23 people in the exchange so I had to make 23 watermelons. I managed to pull everything off in about five days, but mostly because I could work kid-free after Caleb went to bed and because he stayed with Steve’s mom for the weekend while we went to relax at a B&B by the Chesapeake Canal. I cut all the felt the first night, sewed the seeds and did all the machine sewing the next night and spent the weekend and following Monday handsewing and stuffing them.

For the second exchange, there were less people involved so I decided to make two items. I decided to make oranges since they’re somewhat similar to the watermelon in construction and an avocado because when I saw it, I thought it was the CUTEST thing ever with the removable pit and everything! I bought a pattern for the avocado off Etsy and it took me about two hours to make it because I had to hand-sew everything (machine was NOT going to work here) and because it had so many pieces! But, as I get working, things  usually move faster so I’m hoping to be a whiz and sew these things with my eyes closed by the time I’m done.

For anyone interested in making their own kiddo some felt food, there are lots of tutorials out there! Some are even no sew, but you can hand-sew a lot of them with a simple whip stitch.

I’m really excited to start getting the goodies from the other moms for the felt exchanges! Caleb is going to flip when he sees everything :) And I think I found a new fun craft to do on my down time.

DIY maxi skirt

The day after my fabric from arrived, I was super excited and wanted to get sewing ASAP! I looked at a lot of DIY tutorials enough to get a good idea of what I needed to do and just kind of flew by the seat of my pants. No formal measuring, didn’t use matching thread and most times, I sewed sides together without pinning them together, but it all worked out :)

If you need more specific directions, check out the tutorials offered here:


Anyway, back to my Friday night! I picked a fun and bright fabric for spring (1.5 yards, enough to wrap around me almost 1.5x). The first thing I did was fold it in half and put an old maxi skirt I had on top and pretty much cut around it. OF COURSE, I bought new fabric sheers and could NOT find them so I used crappy kitchen sheers.

My handy work. I wasn’t too concerned since no one would know what a shoddy job cutting I did once it was worn. Once fabric is cut, pin the two pieces of fabric together right sides together and wrong sides facing out.

I ironed a hemline for the bottom of the skirt and sewed a straight stitch.

Then, sewed the sides of the dress together where I had pinned everything together.

I cut a strip of fabric for the waistband, folded it in half and pinned the raw edges together to the dress after turning it right side in. Sew all the way around and you’ll have a space where you can feed some elastic through.

The finished skirt!

And me wearing it the next day. Since the fabric is not stretchy, it catches my stride just a smidge so I may cut a slit into it. I made a jersey knit skirt with a fold down waist the next day and it’s more forgiving. It’s the same idea only I used a zig zag stitch for the sides and didn’t bother hemming the bottom since jersey doesn’t fray.

Ta-da! I hope to make a trip to Jo-Ann’s today so see what jersey fabrics they have and see if anything inspires another maxi skirt :)

Infinity Scarf Giveaway!

Yesterday, my order from arrived so I was itching to start sewing! After Caleb went to bed last night, I only had enough time and energy to sew a maxi skirt (which I will wear today–pictures to follow) which I was SO excited about! It wasn’t really difficult either so I see more projects like this in the future.

This morning, I sewed a jersey knit maxi skirt with a fold down waist and not one, not two, not three, but FOUR infinity scarves! I had originally ordered the fabric intending to use it for skirts, but when I received them, the fabric were sheer! I didn’t realize it at the time when I had ordered them, but it all worked out in the end.

The prize! There will be a winner for each scarf. The left one is shown un-looped and the right is shown double-looped.

So, since I made two scarves from each print, I figured I’d do a giveaway! The giveaway will run until tomorrow night with the winner announced Monday morning. There will be  a winner for each print.

Enter below and good luck :)

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Project 365, Days 23-24: cooking without recipes, DIY laundry detergent & liquid hand soap

With it being so cold these past few days, Caleb and I stayed indoors yesterday, but made up for it today! Steve’s been working super long days at work and today Caleb and I ate dinner without him and I put Caleb to bed already. Not a fan.

Anyway, for dinner yesterday, I made sticky drumsticks which was a recipe my mom used to make. You can do this for ribs, chicken wings, etc. My mom would use soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar and white wine and you basically cook everything until the sauce becomes thick and sticky. No written recipes were used and it’s all based on taste. Steve would HATE that because he needs precise measurements if he’s cooking. A dash of this or a pinch of that does not cut it with him.

The other day, I made a pineapple fried rice with Chinese sausage and I had a few people asking for the recipe. To be honest, this was kind of thrown together with what I had in my fridge, but it turned out great! The savory flavors and the sweetness from the pineapple and sausage are a great compliment!

These are approximations, but you can adjust the amounts to your liking:

1 cup of long grain rice (I used brown jasmine)
1 1/4 cup of water (for the rice)
1 cup of carrots, diced
1 cup of spinach chopped
1 egg
1/2 cup of pineapple, diced
4 links of Chinese sausage, sliced
1/4 cup of soy sauce
3 tablespoons of an oil of your choice (I used bacon fat)

Mix the water and rice together and cook. I put mine in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes. Add oil to a pan and cook the sausage. Remove the sausage and scramble the egg. Once it’s done cooking, add back the sausage as well as the rice and carrots until the carrots begin to soften. Then add the spinach until it wilts. Add the soy sauce and then the pineapple last. Then, enjoy! Super easy one pot meal.

I think the only thing that could have made it better is if I had some Thai basil!  Yum!

Today during Caleb’s nap time, I made my own laundry detergent! My BFF, Smecky, had made her own liquid version before. I looked into making a powdered concoction instead because it seemed less tedious since it didn’t require any boiling/melting of soap and I didn’t have to keep it in a 5 gallon bucket.

After some Googling, I decided on a recipe that would include the Purex Crystal fabric softener. Reasons being that I already had 2 bottles of it at home, and I like my laundry to smell nice (and I think Fels-Naptha smells a lil’ too much like a Pine-Sol cleaner). It’s purely optional though.

So this is the recipe I used:

1. 77 oz. box of 20 Mule Team borax – $3.38
2. 55 oz box of Arm & Hammer washing soda – $4.95
3. 1 bar of Fels-Naptha soap – $0.97
4. 1 bar of Ivory soap – $0.40
5.  55 oz. Purex Crystals – $3.50 (I found it on clearance and I had a coupon. I think regularly, it’s around $9).
Total: $9.70 (without Purex Crystals)

And I’ve read this amount will last around a year. Use 1 tablespoon for regular loads, 2 for super dirty loads. Recipe is HE washer safe (which is what I have).

 I found a few recipes that varied in the amount of soap used. Some had just one bar of Ivory, some had just one bar of Fels-Naptha, some had two bars. I decided to do one of each, but you can do what you feel will work best.  Caleb is a messy eater so I figured I could use another bar. Other recipes included baking soda or OxiClean. I decided to keep it simple and stick with what all recipes had–the basics.

So, first thing is to grate your soap. I’m all for technology helping me out so I put the grater option on my food processor and let it go to town! It grated both bars of soap in about 10 seconds. The soap seemed a bit soft so the grated pieces were long–a bit long for my liking so I ended up swapping in the food processor blade and let it break down a bit further.

Then, put everything else together in a big bowl or container. Mix well and then place your laundry detergent in clean containers.

DIY powder laundry detergent
I decided to test out my batch so the first thing I did was wash a load of Caleb’s things. That’s the true test to see if this recipe would clean! After taking everything out of the dryer, here are my thoughts:

1. Everything is CLEAN! Food stains are all gone.
2. It’s clean smelling–something along the lines of what laundry should smell like. Only a trace of the Purex (lavender) was detected, but I do an extra rinse on my washes. No “Pine-Sol” smell from the Fels-Naptha.

So, the verdict so far is that I’m a believer! I still have about a month’s worth of Tide pods (we are BIG fans of Tide) and a HUGE box of powdered Tide from Costco, but I’ll save that for Caleb’s cloth diapers (can’t use my homemade batch since it has fabric softener).

And along the lines of making laundry detergent, I also had made my own liquid hand soap. We have a TON of bar soap that was just sitting in our garage so I was Googling to see if there was anything we could do with it (Steve wanted to just throw them out) and I came across making your own liquid hand soap.

Here’s what you need:

1. 1 bar of soap (glycerin soap not advised)
2. 10 cups of water
3. 1 tablespoon of glycerin (I bought mine at Michaels for $3)

Heat the water in a large pot. As you wait for the water to heat up, grate the soap. Again, I used my handy dandy food processor that can grate an entire bar in seconds. Add the soap to the water and as soon as the soap melts (should take a minute or so), add the glycerin and remove from the heat. It’s going to look like soapy water, but let it cool for several hours and it was congeal and harden. Mix everything together with an immersion blender or hand mixer and there you have it–your DIY liquid hand soap!

My thoughts on the DIY hand soap:

1. It doesn’t lather up very well, but it does foam up.  But, it does the job and my hands feel clean afterwards.
2. Smells nice! One of the bars of soap I used was from Bath & Body Works.
3. Soap kind of has a slimy consistency. Some people may be bothered by it.

I might make my own liquid hand soap from scratch since I’ve had experience making my own soap with sodium hydroxide already. From what I understand, the process is very similar, but you use potassium hydroxide instead. We’ll see though–I used up all the soap we had and made a CRAP load of liquid hand soap for the time being!

homemade soap, DIY soap, lye soap, cold process soap

DIY: Soapmaking with oils and lye (cold process)

During Steve’s first deployment, I was a senior in college and still living in MA with my parents. My mom and I decided to look into some adult classes so once a week, we’d carpool and she took her still life drawing class and I took my soapmaking class. I was amazed that mixing some oils and lye (scary!!) created a chemical reaction that produced SOAP! After weeks of curing, they were ready to go.

When I got home, my BFF, Smecky, and I would have soapmaking craft nights. We did it the way I learned in class and after a trip to AC Moore, we discovered “melt and pour” soaps. It was great because that’s all we did–melt the soap block, pours into molds, and we could use them right away.

Now fast forward eight years. We’re at Costco and Steve is looking for coconut oil for his Paleo diet. The very mention of coconut oil brought me back to my soapmaking class and I was re-inspired to look into it again.

After moving to our current home, I had recently found my box of soapmaking supplies, including a container of lye, so I decided to give it another go! Melt and pour soapmaking is fun, but there’s just something more that comes with making your own soap through the cold process. Maybe is the science behind it :)

So, here’s a photo step-by-step tutorial of when I made my second batch of soap. Please take caution when working with lye as it is caustic! And always double check any receipt through SoapCalc to make sure you have the correct ratios of the oils (depending on their type), water and lye.

This is is the recipe I used after running it through SoapCalc. Very basic with ingredients found in almost every home.

awesomeness under here

Project 366, Day 22

Day 22
I was crafty today! I sewed & filled my own newborn posing pillow for $30 (vs. buying one for $100+)

Today was a super busy day for me! I woke up and Steve dropped me at the metro station where I took it solo for the first time. Usually, I would just drive to my sessions in DC because I usually have one right afterwards, but on occasion, Steve has driven me when I’m short on time because parking can take forever. But since my session was at Union Station, it made sense to just take the metro there.

After my shoot, I took the metro back where Steve picked me up and I ate a quick lunch before heading out the door to Algonkian Regional Park where I took some head shots of an author. She had rented a cabin to write so when I got there, I snapped some pics and then I was on my way back. I had some time to kill before the next session so I stopped by Kmart to buy bean bag filler for my newborn posing pillow. I went to my last session of the day which was a maternity one–those are always fun especially with first time parents :o)

I got home around 5:30pm and was starving. Steve and Brian were watching the football game on TV so I scooped up Caleb, fed him dinner, fed myself dinner and gave him a bath. We laid on the couch together and he lifted my shirt to blow raspberries on my stomach again–it must be his new thing!

At 8pm, I put Caleb to bed and Brian headed home. I started working on my newborn posing pillow which is just “leatherette” vinyl (great for cleaning pee/poop off of) that I cut 2 circles and one long strip. It looked so basic and I wasn’t about to pay $100+ for one when I have decent sewing skills so I just kind of winged it and it all worked out. I even sewed a handle to carry it around. Filling it was the hardest part, but Steve was a great assistant. I used one 100L bag of fill, opened up the current bean bag that I had and transferred the fill and then stuffed it with plastic bags I had laying around. I think I want it to be a bit firmer, but it will do for now. From start to finish, it too just over 2 hours. I’ll get to try it out on Wednesday!

I am exhausted so I’m going to hit the sack. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year!

Project 366, Day 8

Day 8
I made a no sew fleece blanket for Caleb today :o)

When I went to Hancock Fabrics a few days ago (it’s small, I so miss having a HUGE JoAnn Fabrics), this was the only non-girly print with an owl on it so I bought 3 yards of it for Caleb’s monthly background (he turned 10 months on Christmas day–I’m just running 2 weeks behind).

10 month collage
my baby boy!

After breakfast, Steve helped me take pictures of Caleb by making goofy faces :o) When I put him down for his first nap, I got to work and made a no sew fleece blanket. It’s basically taking two layers of fleece, cutting off the corners, cutting the fringe and knotting it up–easy peasy. I was up for a craft project that wouldn’t take forever to do so this was perfect.

Steve’s parked on front of the TV watching football and Caleb is down for his second nap of the day. Tonight, we’re meeting Mellie beyond_my_smile, her husband J and their son baby J for dinner tonight :oD