An update…kind of.

I’m glad to hear LJ is still kicking. I want to get back into and blog about Caleb’s milestones before they all mash together. Plus, remember these days before I get old and forget.

Well let’s see. I last left off in June. Lots has happened since then and I wish I could remember all about it, but I’ve been so busy with the photo biz (which is great). I got a lot of repeat clients especially with kids so I just LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing how big they’ve gotten. I shot eight sessions this weekend–left the house at 7am and came back just before 7pm. Long, long days with lots of traveling. I went everywhere from a winery in Virginia, to the Constitution Garden in DC, all parts of MD and everywhere in between it seems like.

Caleb is now 20 1/2 months. He can count to 13 on his own and count to 10 in Mandarin. I told Steve that his job was to teach him the Hebrew version. He knows his colors and we’re working on our ABC’s now. He loves to sing and dance especially at the same time so I’m seriously considering the Toddler Bollywood Dance class offered through the county. He loves singing and dancing to “Gangham Style” and I made up dance moves to Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me” song that we do together.

He talks all of the time now. I’ve lost count of how many words he knows, but it’s probably well over 100. He’s constantly pointing things out and saying them over and over and over even after you’ve acknowledged them. He knows “please” and “thank you” which he still does with the sign language which is adorable. He says “I love you” which is awesome. He knows to say “cheese” when I have my iPhone or camera out. He’s just a little sponge and learns so much so quickly! Lil’ guy is growing up fast.

He learned all the basic body parts when he was just over a year so we’ve moved onto more specific parts. I’m also trying to teach body parts in Chinese. Whenever I give him a bath, I give him the shower head for the final rinse off and tell him what parts he has to wash–I rarely get sprayed on anymore which is a plus! He’s known his animal noises for quite some time now.

The boy loves books and being read to, but only by me. He will barely sit still for Steve, but he will sit nicely on my lap and I can get through several books with him. I don’t know why he won’t do the same for Steve–any tips? I suggested maybe Steve should read to him at bed time, but when we try, Caleb will take the book from Steve, hand it over to me and sit in my lap. Sigh.

We get complimented on how well behaved Caleb is when we’re out with him and someone once commented that Caleb was a “smart-ass kid” (we were waiting in line at a gas station and he was counting and pointing out colors). I am very proud of my lil’ guy. He is well behaved for the most part, but he does have his moments. His most recent thing is like a silent protest. We’ll be out shopping and he’ll just decide he wants to lay on the floor. When I try to pick him up, he gets spaghetti legs. No screaming, no yelling, just laying on the floor in silence. So weird.

Steve’s super busy with his job, but things have slowed down slightly since the fiscal year is over. That was a crappy time because Steve was working long, long nights, going in on weekends and barely seeing Caleb. But we’ve been getting more family time in. We just finished Caleb’s last toddler sports class, but every Friday morning, Steve would meet us for the class and then we’d go out for lunch before he returned to work.

We booked a cruise to the Bahamas for our family vacation. It’s the same one we went on last year, just on a different ship. We were trying to think of something that wasn’t too expensive and they were cruising out of Baltimore for cheap! We had tossed around St. Maarten, Disney World, Turks & Caicos, but then we saw this deal and just decided to go with it. I’m just happy I won’t have to cook or clean for a week and I can relax on a beach! Plus, Caleb will have a lot of fun especially now that he’s older.

Dogs are still around and Caleb has learned all of their names finally! For the longest time, he’d only say “Coco” and refer to all dogs as “Coco”. He gives them hugs and kisses, helps me feed them and gives them their treats whenever we leave the house.

My folks are good. My mom came down to stay for a week in late Sept/early October and then we went up in mid-October. My mom just had a birthday and we all pitched in to buy her a 51″ big screen TV–she was one happy lady! My dad’s in China for a business project until Thanksgiving. The man never slows down.

Steve’s folks are good, too. They’re gearing up to move back to TX for the winter, but not until after Chanukkah so we’ll get to celebrate that together. While scoping out a potential photo location, I passed by a Jewish Congregation not too far from our home. I mentioned it to Steve and when we looked it up, it really appealed to him. They also have a non-denominational daycare there–part time is only $195/month. So cheap! Steve took Caleb to a Shabbat service with his mom this weekend while I was on my photo shoots to check things out. He really liked it and wants to join. I think at some point, we’re going to get together with the rabbi for lunch or something.

Time is flying by so fast. It feels like Thanksgiving crept up on us and I have no idea what we’re going to do for Christmas. Shopping? No plan, hadn’t even thought that far ahead.

I have been thinking about personal goals. I want to get back into running. I just hope my pelvis is ok for me to do that now. I also want to get back to being crafty. I want to make a quilt for Caleb, be more DIY. Time always seems to be an issue so I’m going to learn how to say “no”. I always try to accommodate clients and fit them into my schedule which leads me to crazy weekends (like this weekend), late nights, gone all weekend, me feeling like a zombie and wishing Mondays to appear sooner. I want to get back into blogging, maybe getting my own domain and being more involved. Also must update my photo website.

I guess that’s enough of a brain dump.

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