Today is officially the longest I’ve ever been pregnant.

Yesterday marked 38w5d which was when Caleb was born! It was also Steve’s birthday so he was secretly hoping that Jenna would make her appearance, but I was feeling normal with no signs of any impending labor. Everyday he asks how I feel and when I reply with, “I feel ok…normal,” there’s always a glimmer of disappointment…lol.

His birthday started off with Caleb waking up at 5am. Usually, he will fall asleep when he comes to our bed, but not that day! After 1 1/2 hours, we all decided to just get up for good. Caleb said for Daddy’s birthday, he wanted to make him coffee so we went downstairs and he helped scoop the grounds into the french press and after I poured in the hot water, he helped push it down. I made breakfast for everyone and Steve was off to work.

Since Caleb woke up so early, I kept him home from school since I knew he was tired. With that said, that meant I had to bring him with me to my weekly appointment which included a cervical check. Thankfully, he sat behind me and was occupied with the iPhone. The visit was short and I’ve been dilating about 1cm/week since my 36w check up. At least there’s some sort of progress.

We went grocery shopping afterwards and when we returned home, the power was out! So, we had sandwiches for lunch and had a much needed nap. The power kicked back on and that’s when we got ready for Steve’s birthday. Caleb wanted to make a card so I got him some card stock, crayons and markers. He drew everyone’s faces (me, Steve, himself, Jenna…even all 3 dogs) and then wrote his name all by himself!! I must say I was really impressed at everything he did being 3.

Then, he helped me make paleo-friendly pineapple upside-down cupcakes. Steve had picked an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner and thankfully they were really open to me bringing the cupcakes in and even supplied extra plates. Steve was worried that they wouldn’t want outside food brought in, but it all worked out.

My mom arrived JUST in time for dinner with her dog, Bella, in tow. I had Steve take his mom and Caleb to the restaurant since we were meeting up with 7 other people so I could get my mom and her dog settled with our dogs. She’s got a 65 lb doberman puppy and my lil’ 12 lbs doxie-huahua mix schooled her! It’s so funny :)

Dinner was great! We’ve had Ethiopian a few times in TX and MD, but this was my favorite. The injera wasn’t overly sour and the food was really good. And Steve had a great time despite having a crappy day at work so that was nice. But, still no sign of baby! I think it’s better that they don’t share a birthday anyway.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day so we’re off to do something outside!


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