38 weeks

Today, I’m 38 weeks! I take my usual weekly photo and thought back when I was pregnant with Caleb. My 38 week photo with him was the last weekly photo I took for that pregnancy! It was Presidents Day weekend and we went out for Thai food. The waitress looked at me and said, “that no good for baby!” Ha. My mom flew into town and came with me to my doc appointment. I had leftover Thai food for lunch as I worked from home and that’s when contractions started. I ended up being admitted to the hospital that night (it was a Wednesday) and had Caleb on Friday. Crazy!

So, we’ll see if Jenna is anything like her brother. We are planning on Thai food tomorrow :) But knowing her, she’ll throw me in for a curveball like with everything else in this pregnancy and stay put until 42 weeks!


weekly photo – 38 weeks

Caleb vs Jenna at 38 weeks

Caleb vs Jenna at 38 weeks

belly progression weeks 4-38

belly progression weeks 4-38

Caleb and I met up with Steve for lunch on Friday since he was driving down to Roanoke, VA, after work to run a marathon the next morning. So, it was just me and my lil’ guy thay night! We had a fro-yo date and I actually fed him dinner before 6pm (never could happen with Steve’s schedule). After a bath, we played, read stories and he fell asleep in seconds after hitting the pillow.

I ended up going to bed myself at 9:30pm and watched two movies in bed. I also crocheted my first granny square so I think I’ll be working on a granny square blanket since I have a bunch of leftover yard that aren’t enough to make a newborn hat, but might be perfect for more granny squares.

Steve came back from the race this afternoon right when Caleb and I were walking home from a trip to the playground on this gorgeous day. We’re having and early birthday dinner with some friends to celebrate Steve big 3-4 (his birthday is Thursday). Will he have a baby girl for his birthday? It’s all a waiting game now, but with all the kicking and craziness going on in my belly, she definitely wants out!




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